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Карнавальная Ночь

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Karnaval filmi 1956 vizyona girmiş ve TMDB.org sitesinde 6.8 puanı ile derecelendirilmiştir.

Konusu: : It is the New Year's Eve and the employees of an Economics Institute are ready with their annual New Year's entertainment program. It includes a lot of dancing and singing, jazz band performance and even magic tricks. Suddenly, an announcement is made that a new director has been elected and that he is arriving shortly. Comrade Ogurtsov arrives in time to review and disapprove of the scheduled entertainment. To him, holiday fun has a different meaning. He imagines speakers reading annual reports to show the Institute's progress over the year, and, perhaps, a bit of serious music, something from the Classics, played by the Veterans' Orchestra. Obviously, no one wants to change the program a few hours before the show, much less to replace it with something so boring! Now everyone has to team up in order to prevent Ogurtsov from getting to the stage. As some of them trap Ogurtsov one way or another, others perform their scheduled pieces and celebrate New Year's Eve.

Karnaval Notlar :

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*** Orjinal adı : Карнавальная Ночь şeklindedir.
*** 41 kişi tarafından TMDB.org sitesinde oylanmıştır ve 6.8 puan almıştır
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